If you build it, will they come?


Most organizations who serve the poor know it isn't enough to build water treatment systems, hand out mosquito nets, or develop fortified crops. What they need is a reliable process for getting people to use (and keep using) these solutions.


Drink Treated water

Sleep under a mosquito net

Plant an unfamiliar type of maize

real impact requires changing behaviors


Fortunately, a proven process exists and it can be learned. It's called "social marketing" and it's effective because it centers around a true understanding of the audience, before systematically applying behavioral science, social psychology, and various communications techniques to increase uptake of life-saving solutions.


4 steps to making solutions stick


1. Listen to communities

focus groups

home visits

2. Formulate a strategy

remove barriers
play to motivators
campaign planning

3. Inject creativity


4. Communicate effectively


The result? real measurable change, and more...


Appleseed's team of marketing and health experts go in-country to work alongside great organizations and coach them to change behavior.

Just one project cycle brings many benefits for our partners:

  • Appreciation from the communities they serve
  • Substantial impact and more lives changed
  • New grant opportunities and funding
  • Increased capacity across the organization
  • Public recognition, awards, and fellowships
  • Improved standing with donors, peers, and recruits
  • Sustained boosts to morale and staff retention rates
  • A stronger foundation to build upon

Deadline for new partner applications for 2018: October 31, 2017

see our approach in action

Guatemalan children suffer the worst stunting rates in the Western Hemisphere, and it's especially evident in subsistence farming families, whose diets are entirely based around corn. Semilla Nueva is an NGO providing access to corn seeds biofortified with high-protein. Unfortunately farmers are very risk-averse. See how we've gotten them to not just plant this new corn, but love it.

In North Long Beach, California, child obesity rates are 10 times what they should be. The Growing Experience Urban Farm, located inside LA County's largest low-income housing development, provides residents with access to high quality vegetables at a low price. Yet hardly any of the produce was getting to the people... See what we've been doing to help the farm achieve its mission.

Many children of Taiwan's remote indigenous tribes are "left-behind" children, whose non-parent caretakers often provide inadequate nutritional care. Children often skip meals, and the result is they suffer from the double burden of malnutrition: many children are undernourished, and many are obese. See how our work is helping children in these villages skip fewer meals.