Know that Appleseed has been the brains behind this effort,
and that this partnership is the best we’ve ever had.

— Curt Bowen, Director and Co-Founder of Semilla Nueva

Meet Some of our Partners

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Curt and Trini started Semilla Nueva in 2010 to help rural Guatemalan farmers find a path to prosperity, health, and sustainability. Through strong community relationships that form their grassroots farmer-to-farmer network, they've built the foundation to reach sustainable change in coastal Guatemala. By combining their community network, government relationships, and agricultural knowledge with Appleseed's social marketing approach, our teams have been able to synergize and make more impact than either ever could have alone.

Find out more about Semilla Nueva's work here.

Holly is the manager of The Growing Experience (TGE), an urban farm located in North Long Beach within the Carmelitos public housing development. TGE provides fresh, local, organic produce to the residents of Carmelitos and the surrounding communities. They promote environmental sustainability and healthier eating through community education programs and events. Together, we create culturally appropriate messages to go beyond education and create real change.

Find out more about The Growing Experience's work here.

How We Work With Partners

Why work with local partners?

There are established organizations already doing great work, and we know that investing in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact.  While Appleseed conducts research and crafts messages that resonate to change behavior, our partners are the ones who have the years of experience and local knowledge to mobilize the communities they work in. By working together, we can help each other achieve our missions in ways we never could alone.


What is your relationship with partners?

Our partners and their dedicated staff make our work possible. It's their teams, their community connections, and their nutrition solutions that we leverage to make an impact together. We offer our professional marketing skills and services at no cost to our partners. Our partnerships are built on mutual giving, learning, and professional respect and they've all become great friendships. Whether we're in the field with our partners or connecting remotely, we work as one team, contributing to one shared mission: improving what children eat.

How do you choose partners?

Carefully. We look for partners who are dedicated to missions closely aligned with ours. They are organizations with demonstrated experience and expertise in their fields, and are working in places where child malnutrition is a severe problem. They must have a feasible solution to the problem (whether it be more nutritious foods, agricultural innovations, or recommended behavior changes) that, if fully accepted by their communities, would make a real impact.


What do You expect from partners?

First and foremost, our partners must be committed to making impact, and to measuring it. We also expect our partners to commit the resources necessary for successful collaboration (such as team members, community connections, office space, project costs, etc.). In turn, Appleseed offers professional marketing services at no cost, for the lifetime of our partnership. Through our ongoing support model, we fill immediate skill gaps and enable partners to continue the work moving forward.

Interested in partnering with us or have someone in mind?

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